Description Address Date Tags
Horse and cart in a winter snowstorm 1955,
View from the south 1910,
Shop frontage (unidentified) (postcard) n.d. c.1910,
Browne's Dairy, with Mrs J Wemyss at the doorway (address unidentified) n.d. c.1895,
Charabanc with white horses n.d. ?c.1895,
Circulating water pump casing 1955,
Wooden access stair and back court with washing n.d. ?c.1916,
Clyde Cafe n.d.,
Chipperfield's Circus parade 1955,
Unidentified row of thatched houses, possibly part of a farm steading, late 19th cent. n.d.,
Barrow, one end resting on a large box n.d.,
Rockvilla occupational centre (1876) n.d. c.1964,
View of premises of J & J Wilson, J McAuslan & Leckie's (all joiners) n.d.,
Suspension bridge, 1955 1955,
Drysdale Recreation Ground: tennis practice (sports) 1955,
A sweep with his dog and ladder n.d. ?c.1920,
Circulating water pump casing 1955,
Arrol-Fouas drawer machinery (gas) n.d. ?c.1910,
Horse, cart and driver of W Wilson, Glasgow's first salt merchant 1892,
Teatime 1955,
Unidentified address; painted house with stairs n.d. ?c.1916,
Cricket match 1955,
Woman and girl aged about 4 walking away from the camera (possibly Gorbals) n.d. ?c.1900,
Group of unidentified workers n.d. ?c.1910,
Elderly man in an armchair at the entrance to a building n.d. ?c.1925,