Description Address Date Tags
View from the south n.d. c.1910,
Cotton weavers' memorial service, 1931 27 May 1931,
Loading hay with horse and cart haulage n.d.,
Unidentified cottages c.1910,
Unidentified row of shops n.d. ?c.1900,
Davislee Old People's Home n.d. c.1960,
Chipperfield's Circus parade 1955,
Panoramic view of Glasgow (lithograph) n.d. c.1914,
Sawmill with horses and cart Govan (?) n.d. ?c.1955,
Unidentified street; William Lang, shoe repairer n.d. c.1955,
Wall with advertising n.d. ?c.1916,
Map of the Firth of Clyde by John Watt, surveyor 1734,
Mr & Mrs McLachlan, weavers (no further identification) n.d. ?c.1916,
First meeting of the new council of 'Greater' Glasgow Nov. 1912,
Wash basins, unidentified, interior n.d. ?c.1906,
Street scene, possibly in the Woodside area ('Smoke Nuisance') Woodside (?) n.d. ?c.1915,
Second-hand bookseller 1955,
Horse and cart delivering parcels, Jared Gregg, Miller St, proprietor Central (?) n.d.,
Unidentified street scene n.d. ?c.1916,
'Hangman's House' (unidentified) n.d. c.1900,
Sunbeam trolleybus n.d. c.1950,
The Buchanan Institute (1859 ?) n.d.,
Back court; 3 storeys with railings n.d.,
Tenements under construction n.d. ?c.1900,
Tenements and shops n.d. c.1900,