Description Address Date Tags
Cricket 1955,
Cathcart Castle: cottage in grounds, including inhabitant at doorway n.d. c.1902,
Portrait: Wilson, Alexander, bookseller in Trongate (miniature) n.d.,
Plants and flowers barrow n.d.,
Rockvilla occupational centre (1876) n.d. c.1964,
'Mr McDonald's book barras' n.d.,
Gang show 1955,
Horses of Wordie & Co, carriers n.d. ?c.1900,
Blackhill Locks 1955,
Coronation (Gizzi and Crolla families) 1937,
27 May 1931,
Exterior view of stable, including two men n.d. ?c.1905,
(City Treasurer) 1955,
Stone villa with family seated on the steps and riding a two-seater tricycle Govan (?) n.d.,
Chipperfield's Circus parade (elephants) 1955,
Glasgow Corporation Pipe Band with Pipe Major Gavin Robertson n.d.,
'Big Rory' entertaining crowds at Yulefest Dec. 1987,
Bobby McCrae, tenthall preacher 1955,
Unidentified back land, man standing at a close mouth n.d. ?c.1920,
Chipperfield's Circus parade 1955,
Gang show 1955,
Mr and Mrs McLaughlin n.d. ?c.1916,
Back court; 2 storeys with railings on left, 3 storeys with railings behind n.d.,
Tenements and shops n.d. c.1900,